Uncomfortable Conversations


uncomftYou may not know that there are organizations in the US that are attempting to encourage families to discuss important topics that are often left too late. While these organizations encourage discussions about health and end of life, the discussion of financial health and quality of life are equally important.

No matter your stage in life you have people depending on you. Family and friends may be the last people you want to share your fears with, but you often leave them in charge of difficult decisions about what YOU want without guidelines.

The Conversation Project and Death over Dinner organizations recently issued a press release to “…encourage Americans to throw the most important dinner parties they’ll ever have.” – See more at: http://theconversationproject.org/news/#sthash.2TXy9o0Y.dpuf

These conversations will have a significant impact on the individuals you select as your Power of Attorney for Financial Matters, your Power of Attorney for Personal Care and — ultimately — on your Executor who manages your affairs thereafter.

You can find many sources discussing the feuds that arise between beneficiaries and the consequences of information not documented or discussed on family dynamics.

So while I am not starting a website on family discussions of financial matters (yet!) you should consider the impact of a lack of communication with family and friends and the people you have entrusted to care for you and your loved ones.

Consider using the templates suggested by Death over Dinner http://deathoverdinner.org/ but changing them to discuss your financial affairs instead of — or in addition to — your health and wellness concerns. You may want to add a family mediator to your invitation list.

If you are not yet ready for the conversations but know that you have information to capture for use by your Powers of Attorney and Executor see www.executor-services.ca

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