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Further to the post “It must be January” there is other information equally important to your Power of Attorneys and Executor that will require more time to document.


  1. Entrepreneur
    1. If you are an entrepreneur the information gathered will include more information depending on the legal structure of your business.
      • Proprietorship – accounting records, tax records and client services in progress;
      • Partnership – accounting records, tax records, partnership agreement, key-man insurance, and other going-concern issues.
      • Corporation – accounting records, tax records, going-concern issues.
    2. There could also be a problem of separating personal and business records and communications on computers and mobile devices. If the equipment is owned by the legal entity, access for personal records mistakenly kept on it may not be accessible.
  2. Employee
    1. contract and
    2. employee benefits description
    3. Professional associations
  3. Retiree
    1. Employer Pensions
    2. Government Pensions
  4. Personal Income tax returns

Inter-Personal Relationships

  1. Legal, accounting and tax professionals
  2. Health professionals
  3. Memberships
  4. Pets and their care

Personal Effects

Depending on the value of these items you might consider including these items as specific bequests in your will or leave as part of the residual. The University of Minnesota, Extension has some interesting information on “Who Get’s Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate™”

  1. Inventory of Fine art, jewelry, rugs and antiques and appraisals
  2. Vehicles
  3. Other personal effects and their disposition
  4. Family Archives

Digital social life

  1. Contact lists
  2. E-mail accounts
  3. Social media accounts

Final Arrangements

  1. Funeral pre-arrangement
  2. Memorial Service
  3. Contacts

Whew! What a list! The importance of this information is for the people you leave behind. The understanding of your wishes will ease the uncertainty of decisions made on your behalf after you have passed.

The Swiss cheese approach can again be used to document this information and your wishes regarding them. However for a comprehensive approach to organizing and documenting your affairs and personal assistance contact or visit

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