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Are Your Digital Assets Secure?

document 4Password security has recently been in the news with the theft of Jennifer Lawrence’s password and download of personal photos. Improving security and having a secure way to share passwords with your executor will reduce the risk of losing digital assets.

Reviews of various password managers identify individuals hold importance on the convenience and security of the program across any type of platform. Users want the ability to navigate seamlessly throughout the service and easily find what they’re looking for. They want security that their personal information is confidential and in safe hands. However, these aren’t the only factors that contribute to a successful password manager. There are four main criteria to keep in mind when searching for a password manager.

Executor Access to Digital Assets

digital blog 1There is no legislation in Canada to govern an Executor’s responsibilities over a person’s digital footprint and assets. Each service provider sets the terms and conditions in the “Terms of Service” that you must “Accept” in order to obtain the service. When was the last time you read that in it’s entirety, if ever?