Are Your Digital Assets Secure?

document 4Password security has recently been in the news with the theft of Jennifer Lawrence’s password and download of personal photos. Improving security and having a secure way to share passwords with your executor will reduce the risk of losing digital assets.

Reviews of various password managers identify individuals hold importance on the convenience and security of the program across any type of platform. Users want the ability to navigate seamlessly throughout the service and easily find what they’re looking for. They want security that their personal information is confidential and in safe hands. However, these aren’t the only factors that contribute to a successful password manager. There are four main criteria to keep in mind when searching for a password manager.

1) Excellent Security

Security is the #1 priority. Look for programs that offer a strong password generator. It will advise you if your current password is weak and provide a stronger suggestion. Secure password sharing will allow you to share passwords with family members or friends with peace of mind. A “security score” is another great way to determine its reliability. It rates how well each service protects your personal data. Finally, ensure the password manager offers two-step authentication and advanced encryption techniques (AES). The service should have at least one or both of these components.

2) A Variety of Features

Features are all about convenience, and some of the best password managers will offer many, if not all of the ones mentioned here. Look for a program that will fill out the personal forms for you. This cuts back a lot of tedious work for the user. Living in a digital age, being able to access the service on any platform (desktop/tablet/phone) and browser is a must-have feature.

3) Offers Supported Accounts

Restrictions in a service can be frustrating, especially if you’re paying a monthly fee. Look for programs that will organize and protect all of the login information you could ever imagine. Your emails, bank info, credit card accounts, and more. An added bonus is a program that allows you to import this information.  It can also store other personal important information such as the contents of your wallet in case of loss.

4) Customer Service: Help & Support

For fast solutions, ensure the company has a strong support team available. This will be extremely useful if you have questions, are experiencing installation problems, or need help with account management. Whatever the issue may be, the proper tech support will be your saviour.

Based on the criteria, here are 5 of the password managers available. Keep in mind that security was held most important in the decision process.

LastPass uses a 256-bit AES encryption with a two-step authentication login called YubiKey (USB device). It’s accessible across all platforms. Its password generator will produce a unique password for any of your accounts. It fills out your online forms. You can import any and all information. You can call or email for customer service. Responses are quick and comprehensive.

Dashlane is also secured with a 256-bit AES encryption. A unique feature it offers is security alerts. For example, if you reuse too many passwords, it may see this as a weakness that hackers can tap into to. It uses Google Authenticator as its two-step authentication. It stores any and all information. Its password generator is easy to understand and offers a wide variety of password suggestions. It fills out all online forms. Offers secure password sharing. Email for tech support that are quick and professional with responses. It’s accessible on various platforms and browsers.

Roboform does not have two-step authentication. It fills out your online forms. Use it across all platforms and sync between your devices. It will store any and all information, import from other accounts, and safely share passwords with people you trust. Trusty password generator that memorizes all passwords it creates. Their customer service is quick and complete, especially if you call during business hours. Email responses come within 24 hours.

Keeper uses 256-bit AES encryption and an automatic time-out for added security. Store any and all information, on any device you want and across all browsers. It fills out your online forms. It securely shares and backs up passwords. Customer service provides live chat option and email support, even daily webinars.

It uses 256-bit encryption, accessible on any browser and is mobile-friendly. No two-step authentication. Its password generator alone makes this program worthwhile. Not only does it rate your password, but it estimates how long it would take a hacker to crack it. It will also create new passwords for you. It offers secure password sharing. It doesn’t fill out online forms for you, only usernames and passwords. Customer service includes emails and video tutorials, but no phone for live support.

Your personal needs will dictate the criteria you use to select a service. This information is just a starting point. You should complete your own research before selecting a service. Evaluation of changes in these services should be completed regularly as the services evolve.

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